Tulsa: 2nd Century Energy Project

Over the last several months, I have had the opportunity privilege to work on a project for the National Energy Policy Institute (NEPI). 

The City of Tulsa requested a report on the unique attributes of Tulsa’s energy sector that contribute to the region’s expertise in both legacy and emerging energy technologies, and NEPI agreed to provide financial support for the project.  The project’s sponsor at the City, then-Intergovernmental & Enterprise Director Chris Benge (he’s now at the Tulsa Metro Chamber) gave me a sense of what he might be looking for – but no definitive requirements.  So – off I went to learn about Tulsa’s energy community, and the requirements and possibilities evolved over the course of the project.

A few months, several interviews, tours, a mostly-full Moleskine notebook, and several pots of coffee later, I’m proud to have researched, written, and managed the publication of “Tulsa: 2nd Century Energy.” 

Tulsa: 2nd Century Energy


"2nd Century Energy" provides an accessible overview and high-level analysis of Tulsa’s energy industry, highlights area businesses on the leading edge of the new energy economy, and provides details about the region’s energy-focused intellectual capital.

Along the way, I uncovered some fascinating resources and research under way in Tulsa, and came away with a new appreciation for how much the energy industry – both old and new – means to this region.  I’m also very pleased to see that Tulsa’s Mayor, Dewey Bartlett Jr., is featuring 2nd Century Energy in his public speaking, and on the website of the Office of the Mayor.

I met some great, passionate, and innovative people in the course of researching and writing this report, especially the professionals that helped make publication possible.  Graphic design and printing management was provided by Greg Rex and Nicole Morgan of Tulsa-based Rex PR.  Both Greg and Nicole were great collaborators to help bring the project to completion – I hope we get a chance to work together on future projects, and I highly recommend their work.


Source: http://www.mcmillansite.com/tulsa-2nd-century-energy-project

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