Many of us have our own strong private recollections of September 11, 2001. I happen to have been at Boston’s Logan Airport, boarding a prop plane foran American Eagle flight that was headed to Long Island’s Islip Airport. It was leaving around 8 am from Gate 22, at roughly the same time that Mohammed Atta and four other reputed Saudi hijackers of Flight 11 took off from Gate 26 at the same terminal. We may have passed each other, but I didn’t notice them. I do have a distinct recollection that security at the check-in was very lax, but other than that, my own flight was uneventful — until we landed in Islip and heard the shocking news that two planes had just hit the twin towers. But this was not the only September 11th that is etched indelibly in my memory — let alone the most important case of international terrorism. I also distinctly recall the Chilean coup of September 11, 1973 very clearly. I was at­tend­ing a graduate economics course at Harvard taught by a protégé of Chicago Professor Milton Friedman. One of my fellow students was Sebastian Pinera, a member of one of Chile’s oldest fami­lies, the future owner of the airline LanChile, and right now the leading conservative candidate in Chile’s upcoming December 2009 Presidential elections.


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