The Podcast of Publishing

The Macintosh community had a collective nerdgasm this morning as their favorite fruit company released a teaser that on October 20, the company would say something about some thing about the Macintosh computer.

So of course, everyone started dissecting the picture looking for clues:
There is a lion…Apple names it?s Mac OSes after big cats..Panther, Leopard, Snow Leopard, so lion would be the next OS..OS 10.7 to be exact.

Okay, that was an easy one.
Then, it looks like the announcement is cut out of the same material an Apple laptop touchpad is made out of. Hmm, looks like the new OS will have touch capabilities built in. Pretty easy guess.

So those are pretty much no brainers. Everyone knows Apple leads with touch-enabled devices.

So what else? Probably the laptop will get updated because they have been growing long in the tooth. Touch laptops? Probably not, The screens cost too much right now.

So, what else does Apple need to update?

The iLife suite of programs is officially called iLife 09. As in 2009. As in, it is nearly 2011. So, I suspect that the iLife suite of programs will get a boost. it has been a while since we have seen a new iMovie or iWeb, or iPhoto. So it isn?t going too much out on a limb to think that iLIfe ?11 might just be the cards at this event.

Now some of the rumor sites have speculated that there is going to be a ?big new app? in iLIfe 11. Some have said that iDVD will be rolled into iMovie, and that the big new app will be Facetime video conferencing for Mac, replacing the iChat program. I don;t think that that will be the new ?big app.?

What I think the new ?Big App? will be, will be something to do with e-publishing. Consider the following before you scoff:

Remember what Apple did for self publishing multimedia radio and television when they introduced the iPod in combination with Garageband? Hundreds of thousands of people became self-producers over night, creating tons of podcasts and vidcasts. iTunes became the defacto place for you to go get a podcast and upload your own created podcasts. To this day, there are , dare I say, a zillion podcasts available on the iTunes store. This was made available not by creating a need so much as creating a way to create and then distribute. The need followed later. Garageband and iMovie were the ways to create the content, and iTunes was the way to distribute the content.

So, all Apple has to do, to do the exact same thing with e-publishing, is to create a way to distribute and a way to create.

They already have the first in place. iBooks is the way to distribute content. It is on every iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch. There literally are hundreds of millions of devices ready to accept your ?next great American novel.? So the distribution methods, like iTunes, is in place with iBooks.

All they need is the content creation program. I think that they have this in place as well, and that may be the next ?Big App.? Imagine an app that combines multimedia and text and easily is upload-able to share with anyone at anytime? Can you imagine what a boon that would be for the open learning crowd?

Apple has a program that ALMOST does that already. It is how people that make ?iTunes LPs?

(Earlier, I had blogged about something similar that McMillian has in place called ?Dynamic Books:
Macmillan Books unveiled a new book platform today that, put together with a product like the Apple iPad could literally transform the relationship between the book and the reader.
Dynamicbooks, promises to allow teachers to be able to customize the book itself, electronically, by allowing professors to add and subtract content, add web links, media and more.

?Basically they will go online, log on to the authoring tool, have the content right there and make whatever changes they want,? said Brian Napack, president of Macmillan. ?And we don?t even look at it.?
While it is too early to tell if this will become a standard, it is interesting to see the textbook publishers changing their business dynamics in the face of open textbooks. )

I think Apple has something better up their sleeve. Imagine something called oh, I don?t know..Printing Press.

Look at the information for something called iTunes LP, which allows for the creation of multimedia content to go along with the sales of songs on iTunes:

iTunes LP and iTunes Extras are interactive experiences created to accompany music and movies. iTunes LP lets listeners hear an album and view lyrics, liner notes, band photos, performance videos, and more. With iTunes Extras, viewers can see cast interviews, exclusive clips, behind-the-scenes footage, and photo galleries along with a movie. To create your iTunes LP and iTunes Extras, download these templates ? they make it easy to get started. Just drop in your own metadata, artwork, audio files, and video files. A detailed how to-guide gives you step-by-step instructions and support along the way.

Now, just delete the stuff about movies and put books, and I think that Apple has that ?something big? app already in place, It just needs to be ?consumerized? to make the authoring part easy to use.

And Apple has already stepped into the waters a bit by adding e-pub format to their Pages word processing app, but that does not save formatting or media.

The ?Printing Press? program would allow all of that.

Imagine kids self publishing interactive books as easily as they make podcasts!
Imagine an open learning organization having the ability to create and publish media rich content for free?
Imagine publishing your Great American novel!

That is what I would like to see on October 20.


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