Los Angeles Times: “I Love Lucy” Pilot Discovered (1990)

By Greg Braxton
Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation’s press:

"I Love Lucy" Pilot Discovered: The original pilot for "I Love Lucy," which has been missing for 40 years, has been found under a bed where it had been forgotten for 39 years. Joanne Perez, the widow of vaudeville performer Pepito the Spanish clown, discovered a copy of the pilot–a gift to her husband from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Pepito had coached Ball in some of her stage routines, and guest-starred on the pilot. Although Perez knew she had one of the show’s episodes in her possession, she didn’t realize which one or the value of it until a recent conversation with B. Donald (Bud) Grant, who will coordinate an hour-long special to air in May on CBS which will include the 34-minute pilot as well as tributes to the show and cast. The 34-minute print is apparently the only one in existence.

April 09, 1990

Source: http://www.cartychronicles.com/Pepito_and_Joanne/Blog/Entries/1990/4/9_Los_Angeles_Times__%22I_Love_Lucy%22_Pilot_Discovered_%281990%29.html

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