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Monday, January 2, 2012 – Happy New Year!

Finishing Well

It?s always our hope to finish well.

Finishing is the best part of the race.

But races are not a walk in the park.  They are a race.

Races are grueling, exhausting, and stretch you beyond what you think you?re capable of doing.

And many people stop… midway.

As the year begins, many who are reading this are thinking ?I just can?t do another year like 2011?.

The temptation is there for you to stop… mid-race.

Don?t do it.

Maybe 2012 will bring some different circumstances.  A breakthrough.  A job change. A victory on something you?ve been working on for years.

Or maybe it will suck, just like 2011.

Who knows.

But don?t quit.

Don?t end the race poorly.

End the race like Paul did.  With his head held high, knowing he did his level best.

But don?t just quit ?cause it?s hard.  You were warned it would be hard when you started.

Persevere.  Press on.  Finish the race.

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My Predictions for 2012

OK… it?s the first of the year… time for some of my predictions for the coming year.  Some of these are no-brainers… others… well, we?ll just have to wait and see.

Here we go… Todd?s predictions for 2012:

Ted Haggard.
Ted Haggard will again get headlines for something we wish he wouldn?t.  (And his upcoming appearance on Wife Swap doesn?t even count).  I predict that Ted will say or do something this year that will make us all want to hide under a rock.

Pat Robertson.
Speaking of rocks, and our desire to stone someone, Pat Robertson will sometime this year, say something that will embarrass every Christian in this country.  It could be racial, it could be silly, but it most probably will be something that will again show the world that he should have given his broadcast chair to his son a few years ago.

Perry Noble.
I predict that Perry will get ?really pumped? about SOMETHING this year.

You can see some more of my predictions for this year right here…


One of my new adventures this year is starting a new website that will help you better manage your church team and career. It's called I'm really excited because I am going to have the chance to work side-by-side with my son on this new venture!

If you're looking for a new staff member, will be a great resource for you. You'll be able to advertise your open positions and search resumes from qualified staff members all across the country. Plus you'll get access to our exclusive candidate tracker software that will help you access applicants, resumes, and hiring scenarios.

If you're looking for a new place to serve, will offer you a chance to get your resume seen by people at churches that are actually hiring. You'll be able to search open positions by church size, position type, location… even zip code proximity.

The new site will officially launch in the next few weeks, but I need your help getting things going. We need to start populating the database with openings and resumes… so…

If your church has an opening, please take a moment to add it to our database (its absolutely free). If you do so this week, we'll include it in our email newsletter next week… so it will get some great exposure! (This email goes out to about 10,000 church leaders!)

And… if you're looking for a new position, add your resume this week (for free) and I'll include a link to it in next week's email newsletter to get you going!

If you know of a church that's hiring, please pass this information on to them. I'd love to fit as many openings in next week's email as possible.

Add Your Church's Free Job Opening | Add Your Free Resume

Our Staff Rarely Leave
When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search
Senior Pastor Average Pay
4 Types of Church Staff Members
Search Committees Unite!
Before You Go: A Few Sneaky-Good Questions Every Minister Must Answer Before Moving to a New Church 
What to Look for in a Pastor: A Guide for Pastoral Search Committees 


Fifty Churches. Fifty Communities. 25,000 Lives Changed. One Month.

What if your church could change the world?

Every morning, eyes slowly open to another day without hope. Children are sick and weak. There is a constant struggle to find the most basic of human needs. From the depths of each soul, a cry of despair born from generations of poverty wells up and overflows in a slow flood of tears. It is a worldwide crisis, and it stems from a lack of safe water, proper sanitation and hope found only through the message of the true ?Living Water.?

The crisis is real. It steals the lives of 5,500 people each day- more than war, natural disasters, AIDS or even hunger. Yet, it rarely makes the headlines in the newspaper, nor does it circulate in water cooler conversations in the workplace. It is a silent killer – one that quietly preys on the world?s most marginalized and forgotten people.

Water Sunday is the start of a conversation that ties your church communities to communities around the world that lack access to safe drinking water. In the process, transformation occurs in both those who receive the water and those who are a part of the process. God is lighting fires with water.

For a promo video and resource guide on March's Water Sunday or to sign-up, go to the Water Sunday home page.

[If you'd like to help sponsor the website and next week's email newsletter, click here to find out what's available.]


I enjoy finding and sharing stories that I think you'll be interested in… in fact, I read a few hundred rss feeds, blogs, Christian news sites, etc. every week to find all the most fascinating stuff to share.

But some of the best ideas come from people just like you that see something that they think I may be interested in… A news story about a church… Something really awesome that's happening in their own church… A funny video or controversial article…

So… this year, I wanted to make it easier to send great stuff to me. In fact, as you go about your day, and you find something that interests or fascinates you about the church world, I'd love for you to immediately think, "I've got to tell Todd!"

And now you can do just that. Just go to and let me know all the great stuff you're reading. It only takes a minute to let me know… and I'll be eternally grateful (or at least until tomorrow)!

Also, if you've written something that you think would be great to feature on as a guest article, you can also submit that right there at I'd love to hear from you!

So remember… when you find something really cool… Tell Todd!


NEW! View all of these links in a cool slideshow!

New Today:
Paula White: "I'm Not Asking You to Like Me"
Saturation Evangelism
Todd's Predictions for 2012

finishing well
It?s always our hope to finish well. Finishing is the best part of the race.

5 ways to grow as a leader
5 Simple Ways to Grow in your Leadership (from Catalyst Leader):

?If your plan will only succeed if there is no turbulence at any time, it?s probably not a very good plan (either that or you?re not going anywhere interesting.)?

mark batterson on 'circles'
Mark Batterson, talking about his new book, The Circle Maker:  Praying Circles Around Your Greatest Dreams and Biggest Fears:

1956 and 2012
A look at huge (and not so huge) changes in the church in the last 50 years.

pcusa sues church that wants to leave
Legal showdown in PA between a denomination and one of their churches.

pastor hosts kissing contest
Pastor Maurice Johnson of Winners Church in Queen is using public kissing contests during services to help teach married couples how to keep romance alive in their marriages. His Sunday sermons have been described as the sexiest in town…

poo pooing christmas
Can you imagine that some Christians didn?t used to celebrate Christmas? And can you imagine that SOUTHERN BAPTISTS didn?t always embrace Christmas as a church observance?

change sucks
It?s true.  Change Sucks.  Ask some of the members of The Church At Carrollton, who are none too happy about change.

too gay to play
Most Holy Redeemer Church, a Catholic parish in the middle of the Castro, is in trouble again with church leaders over how best to minister to its heavily gay and lesbian congregation.

rob bell's goodbye letter
dear  mars hill, to all the brothers and  sisters of this church…

church throw down
Parishioners at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church watched as a brawl broke out right in the middle of service and now the police have launched an investigation.

guns n roses christmas
True.  Stevens Creek Church in Augusta, GA…had a Christmas wish for you…

this makes me want to become a christian
Thanks for chiding me into the Kingdom.

goodbye 2011
OK… maybe you couldn?t show this in church on Sunday, but it?s a pretty good look back at 2011.

no school on monday
Things may be spiraling out of control at Eddie Long?s church in Atlanta.  They just announced that their Christian school will not reopen after the new year… yep… closing down mid-school year, giving parents less than a week to make other schooling arrangements. 

paula white causes protests
Some members of an Orlando area mega-church spent their Christmas protesting the possible appointment of a new pastor.

stella and ella pantomime christmas
Merry belated Christmas.

don't make me sing
We didn?t really make you sing.  In fact, we wish you hadn?t.

how transparent is your church?
So… how transparent is YOUR church in the area of giving and finances?

our staff rarely leave
Kevin East thinks that employees will, of course, come and go… but when they leave your church or organization, it?s much better that they be ?launched? than ?leave?.

60% of us churchgoers like to text
Americans who are members of religious groups are just as likely as others to use the internet, have broadband at home, use cell phones, use text messaging, and use social networking sites and Twitter.

where should i post?
Finally… some sensical reasoning for when/when/why to post to social networking sites.

facebook = 1 in 7 minutes spent online
One in every seven minutes online and three out of every four minutes on social networking sites are spent on Facebook.

props to the 95%
Gallup finds that of those adhering to a religious identity, Americans who considered themselves Christian made up 95 percent of respondents.

25% of christians are charismatic or pentecostal
The Pew Research Center?s Forum on Religion & Public Life published a demographic report this week on the size and distribution of the world?s Christian population and revealed that Pentecostals and charismatics make up more than a quarter of all Christians.

30% of americans arrested by the age of 23
Surging arrests of American youths are up at an alarming 10 percent compared to ten years ago. 

what's your ultimate purpose? do you care?
A recent LifeWay Research study found that Americans with even a slight curiosity about an ultimate purpose to life are more likely to participate in worship services, while half of those who never attend church never wonder about life?s ultimate purpose.



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