Zoomer?s Treasures?Mary Fenogolio

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Mary Fenogolio | dates unknown | Pittsburg, KS
Found object sculptures and furniture | On-going creations
Private property

Back in the car and following the guys from KCPT?s series, Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations, to shoot another season beginning with a 1/2 hour segment in our own backyard…Kansas.

First stop is at Mary Fenogolio?s Treasures. Mary, also known as ?Zoomer? for an earlier love of racing her ?57 Chevy….which she still has…and is NOT for sale…don?t even ask, is as unique as the furniture she builds from a variety of found objects. Her love of going fast didn?t stop with cars, she is a bundle of creative energy just waiting to be ?adopted.? All she really wants to do is make her one-of-a-kind furniture and have someone else deal with the people.

In her side yard, her ?hardware store? as she calls it, she has stock piles of doors, spindles, scrap wood, bed frames, and other salvaged materials just waiting to be turned into her unique furniture. Don?t bother to ask to buy her materials instead of her art, she may just close the gate as soon as letting someone come in to browse the well-organized groupings of raw material.

Her art is as creative and unique as she is, I left wishing I had a bigger vehicle…and suspect I will be back to see this wonderful woman and her wood.

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Source: http://web.mac.com/queenodesign/Detour_Art_Travels/Journal/Entries/2007/10/11_Zoomer%E2%80%99s_Treasures%E2%80%94Mary_Fenogolio.html

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