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Happy Semana Santa from Acapulco,

The Mexican culture has a lot of things right – I’ll get into that in a moment.  But, it’s probably all just a function of the surroundings.  My nearest ancestors from Scotland and France are mostly just a function of their surroundings as well.

In Scotland, which is a god forsaken windswept cold northern area of what is called “Great Britain” the people are hardy folks… necessarily.  The funny thing is they kinda created golf – the ultimate sunny weather tropical sport.  That is an interesting anomaly.  Although, like most things, the history and origins of golf are murky.  According to the world’s best collective guess at the truth, Wikipedia, the origins of golf may date back to the Roman game of paganica, in which participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball. One theory asserts that paganica spread throughout Europe as the Romans conquered most of the continent, during the first century BC, and eventually evolved into the modern game where a man born in the US but of mostly Thai, Chinese, Native American and some African descent, and labelled in the US as just being “black”, Tiger Woods, is struggling in the deep south in Georgia this weekend as he deals with his own western-culture demons.

Now, a visit to downtown Glasgow any evening mostly entails getting challenged to a fight from drunken locals in a language that supposedly is related to English… but if you can understand it and you are not from Scotland I give you credit for having better ears than me.

Scotch whiskey came from there… quite obviously.  And I sit here now overlooking the second most naturally beautiful bay on Earth (second to Rio) enjoying some sips of Johnny Walker Black… which is the beautiful thing about “globalization” despite what the communists tell you about it.  You can take the best from anywhere nowadays and make it a part of your life.

And then, the other part of my most recent genetic background, from France, a more tranquil and enjoyable place to spend time in the current era of climate, also says something about the people who hail from that region in the last few hundred/thousand years.  They are much more prone to enjoying some wine and nice cheeses… again… mostly due to their surroundings.

Here in Mexico, where I am currently situated, it is Semana Santa… Easter weekend.  And, like most things here, the people from this region drag it out not just for a four day weekend but for two weeks… or more.  And, why not.  They live in paradise.  As a hotelier in Acapulco (Las Torres Gemelas Private Suites) I’ve become accustomed to almost any holiday lasting days, weeks or even months.

In today’s world where almost any location is less than 24 hours away, though, I have realized that no one is where they want to be… many of those who live in near perfect climactic locales would rather live in places I consider to be horrible, like Canada or the US.  The reason?  The perceived economic opportunities… mostly because many of those places still have some semblance of private property rights and have been living off the wealth created from it for a long time.  Whereas, if you talk to most people from the US or Canada their goal is to make enough money to go live in freer places like Mexico or Thailand.

Just like students do with their “student exchange” programs the world needs a “person exchange” program.  Most people who live in paradise would rather live in horrible places like the US or Canada so they can “make money”.  Those who live in the US or Canada work and try to save most of their lives to live in a place like Mexico or Thailand where the living is tranquil, warm and beautiful.

Meanwhile, here in Mexico, many of the locals walk up and down the street for two weeks, for Easter, praying to their imposed cosmic Jewish zombie god who was, according to legend, his own father and who can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically accept him as your master so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

Makes sense, right?


I notice the weirdness of it all especially as I return from my place of birth in Canada, a place called Edmonton, the most northern major city in the Americas which sits on the 53rd parallel where they still worship as their god, Wayne Gretzky, a man of Russian descent born thousands of miles away in Ontario who plays a Russian game while they admonish proudly that hockey is “Canada’s game”.

It is well into spring in most of the northern hemisphere, but not in Edmonton where I arrived and took this photo from my rental car as I drove across the desolate prairies… another place where souls come to die.

Yet, proving my point about no one being where they want to be, asking an Indian or Pakistani taxi driver how they like Edmonton is met with a “Of course, I love it.”

Yet, even Edmonton is undergoing a renewal thanks to an area just to the north which used to just be looked at as a strange geological anomaly: the tar sands (now called the oil sands).  Things change.  Not many people even realize it but now the US is actually a net exporter of oil for the first time since 1949.

The media propagandists in the US never mention this, of course, as that would take away the middle eastern oil sheiks as the “bad guys”.  And, it would just make it more obvious what the real cause of the “rise” in the price of gas is… the Federal Reserve.

Gas is still only $0.20 per gallon when the money system isn’t under control of a communist fashioned central bank?  Whoops.


Meanwhile, watching the local Edmonton news is veja du.  Veja du is the feeling that you can’t believe this shit is happening again.  When I left 20 years ago the local news always led off with the scourge of “drunk driving”.  Quite often there are traffic collisions in Edmonton involving someone under the influence of the legal drug called alcohol.  And, nothing has changed.

The call is always for more police!  More checkpoints!  But, they don’t get it.  Living in a place where -30c is the norm and the land is filled with rules and regulations would drive almost anyone to drink.  And the more checkpoints and police there are the more people will turn to alcohol to numb the pain of being prisoners in their own home.  I suppose that they may figure this out once every second citizen is a police officer and there is a checkpoint on every corner.  Or maybe not.

Meanwhile, the meme of “terrorists” is just as alive and well in Canada as it is in the US.  No terrorist activity has every occurred in Canada yet this is the propaganda foisted upon the locals at Edmonton airport:

Report any suspicious activity, Canadians!  Report the Bank of Canada and the federal government!


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