My Yearly Call to Arms: Opinion

Every Year at this time I rant about the need to get rid of science fair projects that rely on centuries old presentation methodologies and move our kids towards more of a, shall we say, modern approach?

Every year, of course, no one listens, but hope springs eternal.

So, here again for the third year in a row, is my short video on the need for modern science fair projects.

And here is my original article about the subject from 2006:

One of the big discussions that my district has been having in the last few years was whether or not students should be allowed to present science fair projects as multimedia presentations. I of course, argue for the positive, saying that there are many advantages to using programs such as Keynote or Powerpoint.

Some of the advantages are:
? Ability to share projects over the internet with other teachers and students
? Good PR for district (Look at our ?techie? kids)
? The projects can be posted on websites and shared
? Students can include video of themselves doing their experiments, since they are not allowed to bring experiments to the judging
? Kids enjoy this type of project over the traditional project on cardboard backboards
? The amount of space needed to present the projects are much less than needed to present traditional projects.
? Projects can now be saved over a period of years instead of discarded at the end of the fair
? Doing multimedia projects addresses the technology standards in almost all areas
? Students go more in-depth during the judging process because they can put much more information on a presentation than on a backboard
? Students are already using computers to create backboards. They already are demonstrating the skills, but they are printing and gluing onto cardboard.
? Rules of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair state that students MAY use multimedia presentations:
?Finalists using audio-visual or multi-media presentations (for example, 35mm
slides; videotapes; images, graphics, animations, etc., displayed on computer
monitors; or other non-print presentation methods) must be prepared to show the
entire presentation to the Display and Safety inspectors before the project is


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