?Laser speen gun? technology installed at strategic points in the city to check over speeding

 “Speed thrills but kills” is a known universal road safety message which has become ineffective. Road accidents have increased globally and the city of Chennai is no exception to it.


However, the use of road safety technologies by the Police Departments around the globe to bring down the number of accidents due to over-speeding vehicles has raised the hopes for containing road accidents.


Call the technology as “Speed Gun Tracker” or “Laser Speed Gun” or “Speed Radar Technology”,” it reads the speed at which a vehicle travels and records the level of speed against the pre-set speed limit. When the vehicle’s speed crosses the pre-set speed limit, the device records the number of the vehicle from the number plate, the GPS location, date and time, reason for tracking and tracing. An e-chargesheet is automatically printed on the spot and handed over to the violators as an evidence of the violation.


The technology may be one of the ways to bring down road accidents. However, the effectiveness of the technology depends on the frequency of its use at accident prone zones without any technical glitch. The effectiveness also depends on the knowledge of the police on how to use the device.


Globally, the effectiveness of the technology has been proved by reduction in number of road accidents due to over-speeding violations and Spain has particularly been benefited by the technology which was first installed in 1992 in the country.


The Barcelona city police department began using the interceptor technology in the “Las Rondas” stretch from 2003 in view of increasing traffic throughout the stretch making it a prime accident prone zone due to passing of over-speeding heavy vehicles.


According to a 2005 report released by the Spanish Catalan Health Services, the laser speed gun/radar technology has brought down accident rates by 35% in between 2002 and 2004. In 2005, with the help of the technology 116 fewer accidents resulting in 187 less injuries/deaths were recorded and 271 less vehicles were damaged.



In contrast, the Chennai city has recorded a slight increase in the number fatal accidents and non-fatal accidents as part of the figures released by the Tamil Nadu police on the “Road Accidents From 2008 to 2010 in Tamil Nadu.”



According to S. Sivanandam, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Chennai, the city traffic police have been using “Speed Gun Tracker” since late 199os to cut down the road accidents due to over-speeding vehicles. However, the technology has become obsolete and the manual system was seen more efficient in nabbing the violators.


Now, with the increase in number of heavy motor vehicles and two wheelers both at the state and the city level and a fluctuating accident rates, the Chennai city traffic police have upgraded the technology with the introduction of “Laser Speed Gun” Interceptor technology which costs around Rs 11 lakhs (INR)/$ 25,000 (USD).

                                                                                                                                        (As on Date):08/04/2011

No of HMV Vehicles in Tamil Nadu State

No.of HMV Vehicles in Chennai City

No of Two-wheelers in the state

No of two-wheelers in the city






The Interceptor system to catch traffic violators in the form on over-speeding vehicles has been re-introduced since February 2010 all over Chennai city.  The equipments are given to those police stations near the accident prone zones in the city.


When asked about the effectiveness of the technology in bringing down accidents in the city, S.Sivanandam, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) said “The system has been introduced just two months ago and it is too early for us to explain the effectiveness and the efficiency of the system.”


There is no doubt about the value of the interceptor technology in controlling the road traffic and maintaining the road safety around the city. However, lack of proper training to traffic police personnel on how to use the equipment, some initial technical glitches and violators escaping the spot at-will could slow the process of controlling the over-speeding vehicles plying the city roads.



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