Do it Myself: Opinion

When I first read this blog, I thought to myself that I would write a blog entry about how wonderful the iPad was. After all look at this severely handicapped woman using the iPad to communicate with the world as soon as she picked one up! It?s an amazing device there?s no doubt about it it is magic!

I thought I would write about how easy the iPad is to use, I thought I would write about how affordable the device is putting it within reach of people that normally would not have the ability to use such device, I thought I would write about how it truly is a device that flattens the world giving a voice to those that don?t have a voice.

But then I started rereading this blog entry. It dawned on me that this woman Glenda Watson Hyatt, she was the real story here not the iPad. Yes she used the iPad to communicate, but what amazed me was that she looked at the technology as just another extension of herself, used it with an end in sight, (I am going to use this device to communicate with the world) then she went to the Apple Store, bought herself one taught herself how to use it, and begin using it.

I don?t think she had to take professional development.
I don?t think she had to do an in-service that lasted all day.
I don?t think she thought too much about what was going to keep her from using the technology.
I think what she thought, was what could the technology do for me? What was this technology going to do to improve my life how was this technology going to help me?

Glenda inspired me.

Glenda should inspire you. Glenda should inspire every single person that reads her story. And if you?re one of those teachers out there that simply refuses to use technology shame on you! There is absolutely no reason why you cannot use technology.

Your excuse about being too busy, doesn?t work.

Your excuse about not understanding technology, doesn?t work.

Your excuse about being at digital immigrant in a land of digital natives is clichéd out of touch, and doesn?t work.

So next time you give me some bullshit excuse about why you can?t turn on a computer to learn some new web 2.0 tool that will actually help make your life a lot better I?m going to point you toward Glenda Watson Hyatt?s website and I?m going to say to you if she can do it why can?t you? What?s your problem? Because whatever your problem is getting nothing compared to what her problems are. So shut up and start using the technology! Start using it with your kids, start using it in your classroom, start using.


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