Are we all boiling Frogs?

Recent comments regarding future elections in Fiji from our most UN-esteemed interim leader Bainypyjamas and his sidekick Chodo only make us more vulnerable to the whims of this insane inane leadership and corruption of all good will of the Fiji citizenry. Don?t like a political party? Bai outlaws them. The SDL will not be allowed to contest the elections according to Bai.
Don?t like the ?new and improved? GCC? Then too bad. They?ll just shove it down your throats, tradition and customs subverted in ways that make traditional colonialism look like a tea party!

In the meanwhile, my dear comrade Discombobulated Bubu has been kind enough to share her most insightful essay about the ailment that has inflicted itself upon our beloved Fiji, the Boiling Frog Syndrome. Should you suffer from this affliction personally, I recommend a quick dip into the iciest waters you can find, if necessary take steps to dive into the deepfreeze with some frozen #10 chickens, in order to awaken your good sense from its apathetic slumber. Download a PDF version and print it out to share with all your friends, families, and maybe even a few enemies. After all, it might have the same effect to shake us out of our ignorant ambivalence and into some positive action.

Here it is in English – Boto-English.pdf

And, here it is in Fijian – Boto.pdf

But don?t put your boiling frog up for a run for office. The water is already boiling hot! Leap out! And feel free to throw some ice water on our fascist leadership and the coup apologists. They?re already pissed at the world and sucking up to the world?s most ignoble governments. We don?t have anything left to lose. They can?t lower the price of fuel, or food, or housing. BUT… if we all become beggars in the streets, we could at least get some free housing if we get arrested… another ignominious law passed by this most asinine of despots-in-training.


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