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Roxanne Glazer from Whirlidurb discusses their services on a conference call with Ashton Graham, Tim Holt, and Steve Stiles of EPISD. We are discussing possibly using their services and how they work with school districts.

Whirlidurb is a solution that provides engaging learning opportunities for students from Pre-K through 12th grades. The Whirlidurb team loves video conferencing and collaborating. We create learning opportunities for teachers and students.

Our team is always dreaming up new ways to challenge the technology to bring experiences to students that they otherwise would not have had. We listen to our customers to determine the needs of their teachers and develop programs and connections to support our learning community.

We understand that educators are busy. Technology personnel are busy. Extending learning outside the classroom takes time, let us help you with that.

Whether it is content, equipment, or maintenance you are looking for, we will be able to help you. We specialize in interactive, engaging opportunities for students. Join us on our journey.
Whirlidurb services include:
Content for the classroom
Professional Learning Network
Video bridging management and operations
Video conference scheduling
Consultation and new site registration
Help desk and technical support

For more information, visit www.whirlidirb.com

Source: http://web.me.com/timholt/Intended_Consequenses/Intended_Consequences_v._2.0/Entries/2010/9/17_Whirlidurb.com.html

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