Season 3 Episode 11 – To Skill or Kill

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 11 of RPG Circus

Episode Topics

  • Playing the Sidekicks
  • Skill Overkill


Show Links

For completeness, Here is the sections of Alex’s Comment that we read online.

I have two comments regarding the discussion of playing in large or
small groups. The first point is about the difficulty of providing
equal spotlight to all players in large groups. In my groups of up to
seven players, I usually have one or two really quiet people. When I
ask them, they say they enjoy the game. I figured that they are either
casual players that just enjoy the company and the chaos at the gaming
table, or they just like imagining the events without necessarily
feeling the need to share what is going on in their head. That’s how I
stopped worrying about unequal spotlight. The only thing I pay close
attention to is when shy people want to say something but they get
interrupted all the time. I’ll make sure that everybody gets their
say, and if necessary that means we’ll go around the table, player by

The second point is about NPC characters in the party, or secondary
player characters. In my D&D 3.5 campaign with up to seven players, I
still encourage people to create secondary characters. I have a house
rule saying that all player characters will turn into NPCs of the
campaign setting when they reach level 10 because I don’t like how the
rules slow combat down at higher levels. I also have a house rule
saying that new characters start at level one. Thus, there is an
advantage of bringing in secondary characters: if your primary
character dies, or gets taken out of the game, your secondary
character is no longer on level one. I had read about this so-called
entourage approach in the old school fanzine Fight On. Secondary
characters get half XP and that really works for me.


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