Strengthening Asia Pacific Cooperation through MICE Industry

Ministry of Culture and Tourism in cooperation with AFECA Asian, INCCA, IHRA, ASITA and Garuda Indonesia are hosting the 3rd AFECA AGM & Forum 2008 on September 9-12, 2008 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Minister Jero Wacik would like to express his gratitude for having this honour to be chosen as the host of an exceptionally significant meeting for the main players of MICE Asia in the 3rd AFCA AGM & Forum 2008. On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr Wacik would like to welcome you all, ladies and gentlemen, to jakarta, and would like to ensure that all you are in the good hand and in the best service from this large and multi-coloured destination, where MICE is not only a commiment but has become a tradition of our nation.

Unquestionably, MICE is the main sector in tourism that has drawn the attention of the whole world. MICE has played a main role in the world’s economy, social culture and diplomacy. MICE has also revealed new awareness on the importance of teamwork, unity, consistency, perseverence and creativity. How to bring the international MICE events into Asia is not a simple question to answer, but together we are required to respond it. At this point, te forum plays an important role as a forum to give the solution to problems being faced by each of the countries. To he best of my knowledge, nothing is impossible and that Asia would become the leader in this industry in the years to come. We simply need new version, new commitment and hard work.

Nowadays, Indonesia is at the most favourable season for the growth of MICE industry. Teh government of Indonesia has the highest commiment in this matter. Along this year, we have 100 tourism events in a variety of destination in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Moreover, we have become the host of various significant international meetings, while next year will be the vital peak of MICE Indonesia in connection with upcoming General election.

Once again, on behalf the Government of Indonesia, I warmly, invite yo all to come to and visit Indonesia, and together with other delegations to witness and get pleasure from the richness and luxury ofered by MICE Indoneia. I wish we could meet up and discuss many things with you all, ladies and gentlemen, in the Indonesian warmth state of affairs. Thank You. (TCDMNS).


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